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About Us
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Orant Ceramic is one of the preeminent Porcelain tiles, Vitrified tiles & Porcelain Slab manufacturers located in Morbi, Gujarat(INDIA).

To date, our company is one of the progressive and dynamic organizations in the ceramic sector of India. Directing our market as export worldwide, Orant ceramic is producing hundreds of designs with various styles and series to hot sell all over the globe.

We are passionate knowing that people work, play and inhabit the spaces and places.

To launch innovative and world-class products to help customers realize their dreams.


to be transparent and fair to customers, suppliers, suppliers, and employees in all our dealings.

Make In India

Orant Ceramic has made a permanent mark on Manufacturing in India. So your room walls can be a lot more than the traditional dull green. Orant is a leading tile Manufacturer & Exporter in India. Orant brought the finest elements of this art form to India and also created fresh designs to suit Indian tastes and developed a unique process to suit Indian conditions.